Posted on 08-11-19

Our office will be closed November 28th and November 29th.
Our office will be closed December 23rd through December 25th and closed to the public on December 26th and December 27th. To the extent a hearing is being requested on an expedited basis, please email the Trustee directly.

Due to office and court closures along with vacations (including judicial vacations) scheduled during the holidays, Confirmation Order submission, entry and docketing by the court may result in a delay in the processing of orders for disbursement. This year, due to a decrease in the number of business days between Judge Gargotta’s Confirmation Hearing dates of November 19th and December 17th and each respective holiday, we may not be able to process all Confirmation Orders by the cutoff date for disbursement which in November is noon on the 27th and in December is noon on the 31st. While my office will make every effort to submit and process as many Confirmation Orders as possible for disbursement in the month following the docket there will be some Confirmation Orders that do not get entered by the court and / or processed for disbursement until the following month. For example, the disbursement of funds per some orders from the November docket may not occur until the January 2nd disbursement and the disbursement of funds for some orders from the December docket may not occur until the February 3rd disbursement.